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HouYuan Seal 320 Dental Sealing Machine

Seal 320 model dental sealing machine in stock with fast delivery.

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Product Details

HouYuan Seal 320 Dental Sealing Machine

1. Main Features:

Seal longth is 320mm, more lonth than usual one.
 Italy imported heating bar, never burn the roll.
 Press width is 12mm, more reliable.
 Simple and elegant appearance, convenient pouches feeding.
 The handle can be used by left or right hand.
 Hidden blade, safe and reliable.
 Beep reminder, timeout automatically alert.
 Energy saving, 70% saving more than usual heating bar.

2. Main Specifications:

Model HY-320
Voltage     110V/220V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Power 100W
Seal Width
Seal Longth
Seal Duration
Package Size
Guarranty Period 1 Year

3. Company Advantage

a. Series product advantage: Houyuan Medical has Autoclave Sterilizer, Dental Water Distiller, Dental Sealing Machine, Laboratory Drying Oven, Laboratory Incubator, Laboratory Centrifuge, Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine etc. to meet different clients' demand.

b. OEM and ODM service advantage: Houyuan Medical supply OEM and ODM service;

c. Technical Support: User manual sent with machine, also can offer online technical support.

d. After-sales service: 24 hours online service.

4. FAQ

1. How Can I Choose the Suitable One?

Please Tell Us Your Detailed Requirements by Mail or Online, We Will Recommend the Suitable One As Your Requests.

2. Is Your Price Competitive?

We Make Sure to Offer You the Best Quality with Competitive Price.

3. How Can I Pay?

We Accept Many Payment Methods, Such As T/t, Western Union.

4. When Can I Receive It After Paying?

Normal Models Can Be Delivered within 5-7days. Please Contact Us to Check Transport Time to Your Address.

5. How to Deliver?

We Can Send by Express, by Sea and by Air.

6. Will It Be Broken During Transport?

We Do Standard Export Package.

7. What Should I Do if I Do Not Know How to Use?

User Manual Will Be Sent Together with Machine and You Can Also Contact Us with More Technical Support.

8. What Should I Do if Some Parts Are Broken?

We Have 12 Months Warranty for Main Machine. For Wearing Parts, You Can Buy Them from Us for Replacement.

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Contact Us
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.