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HouYuan Medical Waste Autoclave Sterilizers for Medical Waste Treatment
Sep 24, 2021

HouYuan Medical has been building high pressure medical waste autoclave sterilizers over 10 years.

We have been providing high quality autoclave sterilizers to hospitals, commercial medical waste processors, flight kitchens and agricultural companies of China & Overseas Market.

Safe and economical treatment, processing and disposal of bio hazardous waste is an issue around the world.

Autoclaving is a better and more environmentally friendly alternative to incineration.

We have kinds of Medical Waster Autoclave Clients both here and abroad:

a. Hospitals and Major Medical Centers for hospital waste sterilization, destruction and regulated medical waste treatment for safe disposal.

b. International Airports and their Catering Services for sterilization and disposal of food waste from international flights.

c. Pharmaceutical Companies for pharmaceutical waste processing.

d. Laboratories for sterilization of microbiological laboratory lab waste.

e. Regional Medical Waste Processing Centers as a productive and profitable way for medical waste disposal companies to service their clients safely and efficiently.

Also a lot of Laboratory Equipment Distributors, Medical Devices Distributors both China and Overseas Market.

Over the years HouYuan Medical has made significant improvements to our waste disposal system design to enhance the operation efficiency and material handling function of the sterilizer.

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