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HouYuan Hospital Steam Autoclave

Hospital Steam Autoclave Application

This large autoclave is widely used in pharmaceutical, medical, scientific and other industries for the high temperature sterilization, cooling and drying process to the biological products, medical devices,sterile clothing,tools utensils, media and other items.

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    HY Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave
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    T/T, L/C, Western Union
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    Shanghai,Ningbo, Xiamen,Guangzhou
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    15-20 Days After Receiving Full Payment
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    0.225Mpa 0.225Mpa 0.225Mpa
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Product Details

Hospital Steam Autoclave Features:
1.Main body:with horizontal rectangle double layer structure, inside chamber is SUS304 or SUS316 high quality stainless steel, outer layer is brushed decorative sheet.
2.Control System:Siemens PLC and Siemens touch screen.
3.Piping System:Germany Burkert or GEMU pneumatic angle type value, water ring vacuum pump, 0.22um high efficiency sterile medical grade filters.
4. The pipe clamp adopts the quick connectors, the piping and the related spares are all according to the sanitation standard.

The Software Features:

1. With Germany Simens PLC platform independent research and development, human-Machine Interaction, convenient for operation.
2. Software design and manufacture products in strict accordance with the technical requirements for the sterilization process.
3. The operating authority is divided into three levels to the administrator, technologist and operators.
4. Program interlocked, when the program is running, the sealing door can not be open.
5. All the alarm and the technical figures can be recorded and printed.
6. If the pressure of inner chamber is higher than the safe value, the door can not be open.

7. Perfect product safety protection measures, 4 level emergency treatment of abnormal states.

Hospital Steam Autoclave Detail Photos:

hospital steam autoclavehospital steam autoclave

Hospital Steam Autoclave Detail Specifications:

Model Chamber Size Capactiy Machine Size Weight Steam Consmp. Water Power Supply Power
(kg) (Kg/Cycle) Consmp.
W*H*D (cm) L*W*H(cm)

HY-0.25JD(S) 55x55x85 250L 125*128*185 750 18 120 380V, 50HZ 2KW+(*24KW)
HY-0.36JD(S) 61x610x100 360L 130*135*185 850 22 180 2KW+(*24KW)
HY-0.6JD(S) 61x91x120 600L 150*144*196 1250 35 320 3KW+(*36KW)
HY-0.8JD(S) 61x91x150 800L 180*144*196 1350 47 400 3.5KW+(*54KW)
HY-1.2JD(S) 68x118x150 1200L 180*148*200 1650 65 600 3.5KW
HY-1.5JD(S) 68x118x185 1500L 214*148*200 1850 80 750 4KW
HY-2.0JD(S) 90x139x162 2000L 197*175*220 2300 106 1000 4.5KW
HY-2.5JD(S) 90x139x205 2500L 235*175*220 2700 132 1250 6KW
HY-3.3JD(S) 90x139x240 3000L 270*175*220 3500 132 1250 8KW
1. JD (Model#) for Singel door, JS for double door.
2. * means power for build-in steam generator (for option).

Company Advantage

a. Series product advantage: Houyuan Medical has portable autoclave, tabletop autoclave, vertical autoclave and horizontal autoclave to meet different clients' demand.

b. OEM and ODM service advantage: Houyuan Medical supply OEM and ODM service;

c. Technical Support: User manual sent with machine, also can offer online technical support.

d. After-sales service: 24 hours online service.


1. How Can I Choose the Suitable One?

Please Tell Us Your Detailed Requirements by Mail or Online, We Will Recommend the Suitable One As Your Requests.

2. Is Your Price Competitive?

We Make Sure to Offer You the Best Quality with Competitive Price.

3. How Can I Pay?

We Accept Many Payment Methods, Such As T/T, Western Union.

4. When Can I Receive It After Paying?

Normal Models Can Be Delivered within 15-20 days. Please Contact Us to Check Transport Time to Your Address.

5. How to Deliver?

We Can Send by Express, by Sea and by Air.

6. Will It Be Broken During Transport?

We Do Standard Export Package.

7. What Should I Do if I Do Not Know How to Use?

User Manual Will Be Sent Together with Machine and You Can Also Contact Us with More Technical Support.

8. What Should I Do if Some Parts Are Broken?

We Have 12 Months Warranty for Main Machine. for Wearing Parts, You Can Buy Them from Us for Replacement.

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Contact Us
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.