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HouYuan Autoclave Sterilizer for Surgical Instruments
Sep 24, 2021

All surgical instruments that are in touch with open wounds or enter the body of a patient must be sterile. Therefore, all surgical instruments and materials have to be sterilized before surgery. The machine which does the sterilization is called autoclave or sterilizer. If sterilization does not happen or happens insufficiently, life-threatening infections are the result. For this reason the autoclave is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a hospital.

HouYuan steam sterilizer for surgical instruments is a device that uses pressurized, high temperature steam to sterilize medical instruments. Although there are still other methods of sterilization e.g. dry heat, gas (Ethylene Oxide) or gamma radiation, the sterilization with hot steam is the most common method. The usage is simple, rapid, cost effective and environment friendly.


HouYuan autoclave sterilizer for surgical instruments eliminate all transmissible micro organism, bacteria, viruses and fungi from the surface of an instrument. This is different from disinfection, where only organisms are removed by a disinfectant and are not completely eliminated.

In general, any instrument that enters the body must be sterilized. This includes all surgical instruments, implants, catheters, syringes, needles, dressings and others.
Proper sterilization of instruments is crucial in preventing HIV transmission.
Sterilization is possible with hot air, chemicals or radiation, but the most common method is the use of hot steam, which kills all organisms. This method is easy and cheap to realize.
For a steam sterilization temperatures above 110°C are needed, which requires the steam to be applied in a pressure chamber. The sterilization time depends on the temperature. The higher the temperature the faster the instruments get sterile.

Types of autoclaves

All steam autoclaves for surgical instruments have a metal chamber to withstand the high pressure and the temperature. A massive door or lid which is locked during operation keeps the chamber closed. The chamber is heated by an electric heating element. In places without electricity supply autoclaves heated up by gas or fuel are common.

To ensure that an autoclave works correctly, the machine has a temperature and/or a pressure gauge and often an integrated timer.
Modern autoclaves for surgical instruments are all electronically controlled. The control unit controls temperature, pressure and time and monitors all safety functions.
HouYuan autoclave for surgical instruments are available with chamber capacities from 12 l to 2500 l. The smallest and simplest ones work manually and are heated up by a normal electric or gas stove. The big stationary autoclaves for surgical instruments are fully automatically controlled and need three-phase-power supply and a water supply installation.

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