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HouYuan Autoclave for Canning Food
Oct 09, 2021

Which Type High Pressure Steam Sterilizer suitable for Canned Food Sterilization?

We have a specialized Vertical Type Steam Sterilizer (Counter Pressure Vertical Autoclave) for canned food sterilization:

With capacity 35L 50L 75L 100L 120L 150L for different size canned foods, the relevant sterilization temperature is 134°C, but also can adjust from 105°C to 134°C, the sterilization time can be adjust“0-99min or 0-99hour59min”.

When the steam over-pressure is 0.25MPa, the pressure will be released automatically.

When the temperature exceeds 140℃, the power supply will be cut off automatically, with double safety protection, water cut-off and overheating protection,

With current overload automatic cut-off safety interlock device protection will be provided.

Food sterilization

Canned food sterilization, also known as commercial sterilization, is a physical technique of preserving food that is hermetically packaged in a container and subjected to high temperatures for a time to completely destroy its microorganisms, pathogens or not, and spores.

We say that it is a physical method because it does not use gases or reagents (chemical sterilization).

Thanks to this complete eradication of any bacteria or fungus, the life of sterilized products significantly lengthens, which can be more than four months and, in addition, they do not require cold storage.

Unlike pasteurization, sterilization removes all types of microorganisms and spores. Pasteurization only removes most microorganisms and does not remove spores. There is confusion between both techniques when we talk about microorganisms or temperature.

canned food autoclave

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