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What is a laboratory centrifuge machine?

What is a laboratory centrifuge machine?
December 03 , 2021

A laboratory centrifuge machine is a piece of laboratory equipment, driven by a motor, which spins liquid samples at high speed. There are various types of centrifuges, depending on the size and the sample capacity.

There are different types of centrifuges (HOUYUAN MEDICAL):

Desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge:

Suitable for biology, medicine, agriculture, biopharmaceuticals, bioengineering, cell biology and biochemistry and other fields, suitable for genetics, protein accounting PCR experiments and other industries.

Benchtop low-speed low-temperature nucleic acid centrifuge:

Suitable for blood collection carts, love blood donation rooms, medical and biochemical experiments and other small work sites.

Desktop low-speed refrigerated large-capacity centrifuge:

Widely used in clinical, biology, genetic engineering, immunology and other fields, suitable for radioimmunity, water treatment, biochemistry, biopharmaceutical, blood product solution analysis.

Ultra-large-capacity refrigerated centrifuge:

Suitable for blood station hospitals, biochemistry, biological products, pharmaceutical industries, universities and research institutes, as well as superhard materials diamond powder industry, nano materials and other fields.

High-speed refrigerated centrifuge (vacuum):

Widely used in agriculture, medicine, food hygiene, biopharmaceuticals, bioengineering, cell biology and biochemistry and many other fields, suitable for the separation of microbial cells, cell proteins, enzymes and immunoprecipitates Preparation and purification work.

Desktop low-speed centrifuge (multi-tube rack automatic balance centrifuge):

To meet the qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, and urea in medicine, blood stations, clinical experiments and biochemical laboratories.

Desktop low-speed centrifuge:

It is widely used in clinical science, biochemistry, food and environmental protection and other fields. It is a conventional instrument used for centrifugal precipitation in the laboratory.

Multi-speed micro centrifuge:

Widely used in physical and chemical analysis, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, clinical laboratories and blood donation centers. The powerful and easy-to-use multi-speed micro centrifuge has a small enough volume so that each workstation can be equipped with a "personal" centrifuge, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Special centrifuge for blood type card:

Red blood cell experiment: red blood cell type typing, antibody screening, identification and cross matching;

Platelet test: platelet matching, platelet blood typing, platelet antibody screening and identification;

Microbiology, biochemical blood coagulation experiment, etc.;

It is suitable for blood group serology, routine blood group detection, micro-living gel, immune detection and other experiments.

Special centrifuge for blood group serology:

It is widely used in blood cell cleaning, blood type identification, cross-matching blood and other biochemical tests. Special centrifugal rotors are used for red blood cell cleaning and white blood cell cleaning to ensure stable and reliable test results.

Cell image centrifuge:

Widely used in cervical cell coating preparation, pleural water cell thin-layer preparation, cerebrospinal fluid cell thin-layer preparation, bronchial washing fluid cell thin-layer preparation, needle aspiration cell thin-layer preparation, sputum cell Layer production and other cell production areas.

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